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Fairway Mortgage - Ryan Grant

The Briefing


We stepped into a whole new industry with this video, and we couldn’t be more excited about the results that we were able to witness. The Ryan Grant team is the leading mortgage partner in Orange County, and we were asked to make a video comparable to his status.

Our Approach

When stepping into a new industry, it starts with extensive research. What are other top competitors doing with video? What’s working? What isnt working? How can we make him look better than the hundreds of other mortgage consultants in the industry? All of these questions were taken into account when the development process started. In order to create an amazing mortgage lender video, we need to find out what makes it amazing. Our team sat down for hours in front of whiteboard figuring out the best approach to make this happen. Finally, we got it! Let’s tell the story from the clients perspective. Let’s show the pain points of working with people who want to make the mortgage experience a transactional journey, rather than coming alongside their clients to make the best and right decision.

We Do the post

But make it look like you did